Saturday, January 28, 2012

Letter B Week

Letter B Week was a BLAST!
Our themes for the week were
Bears, Bubbles, Bees, Birthdays, Boys and Blueberries.

Our Literacy Center featured  the book Big Smelly Bear.

We acted out songs and fingerplays about bears.
We used gummy bears in the math center for
addition, measuring and graphing.

The class graphed their favorite gummy bear color.

We made bears out of pattern blocks.

In art we painted Big Bears

and Brown Bears With Buttons.

We talked about Boys!  These boys are blowing big bubbles!

Our literacy center also featured Bees.

We wrote nonfiction facts about bees 

and created these Buzzing Bees.

We compared Bees and Bears.

We read Blueberries For Sal and discussed facts about the story.

We counted by twos,

painted with blueberries

and ate several delicious letter B snacks.
(We have the BEST parents!)

At the end of the week we celebrated Letter B with our Bear Birthday Bash!

We decorated birthday crowns and cupcakes.

We sang Happy Birthday and blew out the candles!
Then we ate our delicious snack.

We graphed what we liked best about our birthdays!

We decided we needed a class picture of our Bear Birthday Bash!
Doesn't this look like fun?  
What a BLAST!

Next week we will talk about Letter R!

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