Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Party

Happy Halloween!
Kindies 2015-2016

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.

We had a great day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Friend of The Week

Friend Of The Week
In the Kindie class we celebrate our friendships.
We honor each Kindie with a Friendship book.
(It's really hard to wait for your turn!)

The children draw pictures of our special friend
and dictate compliments.

We practice giving praise and kind words.
We practice receiving praise and kind words.
This activity makes us feel really special.

Sometimes, we are speechless because our book is so wonderful!
(Or maybe you have a busted lip 
and  need an icy sponge.)

Friend of the Week
is one of our very favorite Kindie Traditions!

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday Celebrations.
We celebrate "real birthdays"
and "un-birthdays" at Gingerbread.

We make a birthday crown and sing to our Kindie.

We love to give pretend birthday spankings.

Some children prefer a hug instead.

We love a reason to celebrate and always look forward
to the yummy snacks.

Hug A Bear

Hug A Bear
Hug A Bear has been making the rounds  
and is looking forward to lots and lots 
of fabulous weekend with the Kindies.

He loves to have sleepovers, play outside,
eat junk food and attend sporting events.

He doesn't mind an occasional bath,
loves bandaids....
and wearing baby clothes.

Sometimes Hug A Bear likes to play with
little brothers or sisters.
He loves to sleep in and binge watch Netflix.


We love Hug A Bear!
Hug A Bear Loves us!

We Went to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo.

Zoo Day
We enjoyed a crisp fall day at the zoo.

The animals were out enjoying the cooler temperature!
We loved it!

I think we ate our way through the zoo.

The carousel was super fun.

We may have gotten a little (lot) wet!
But we didn't mind.

Did you know they offer colonics at the Zoo?
Yes, it happened!
(I was busy laughing so I missed getting actual evidence.)

 That slide, when your clothes are wet, 
It will shoot you off like a rocket.
So you need your teachers to catch you!
Otherwise, you might need stitches.


Goodbye beautiful giraffe. 
By the way,
You have a really long neck and we love you.

See you next time!