Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fabulous Fall!

It's Fall!
This week was a short week.
We had two days to celebrate the beauty of fall.

Our literacy center featured books about Autumn.

We gathered acorns from a neighbor's yard and added them to our sensory table.
We found "baby acorns, daddy acorns,  green ones, 
brown ones, rotten ones, acorns with and without tops".  
We found a "billion" acorns.
Aren't they wonderful?

We added acorns to every center in the room!
We graphed, sorted and counted acorns.
We colored and painted pictures of acorns.

The Art Center was stocked with a huge variety of fall items.

The Kindies were encouraged to create.

We touched, smelled, listened and shared ideas.
We illustrated our thoughts and dictated words.

We investigated corn.  
We looked through magnifying glasses and picked the kernels off the cob.

Corn went flying.  Teacher Alicia put on her sunglasses!
(It was funny when she did that!)

We set up a harvest stand.

The children shopped and played cooperatively.

We created patterns with fall leaves.

We designed necklaces these wooden slices.

Aren't they amazing?

Whew!  That all happened in two days!
But, wow.  It was a perfect way to celebrate fall.

I almost forgot!
We also had a yummy treat.

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