Friday, September 30, 2011

Letter E Week

What an EXCITING week!
Our primary theme was elephants but we also explored, emu, eyes, and eggs.
Here's a peek at our week!

Our literacy centered featured elephants and the book, Elmer.


Elmer, the patchwork elephant.

We are working on story comprehension!

We discussed and described facts about elephants.
(And yes, elephants poop 80 pounds a day!!)

We made hand print elephants.  I loved these!

We estimated elephants in our math center.
We are working on making "best guesses".


We made these ENORMOUS elephants.
I ENJOY how different each elephant's EXPRESSION looks!

We also talked about emu.  
We read, Edward, the Emu 
Edwina, the Emu
definitely two of my VERY favorite books!

We had Fried eggs for snack!  (Gummy Eggs from Candyopolis)

In art we created Exceptional Eggs!

Sabrina and her mom made these "EYEBALL E" cookies for our snack on Thursday!  
They were EXCELLENT!

Friday was EYEBALL day!  

I found these "eyeballs" at the Dollar Store!

We graphed eyeball colors!

We roller painted with eyeballs too!

The best part of all was the eyeballs we made for snack!

These were constructed with powdered donuts, gummy lifesavers and chocolate chips.
This was a feast for our eyes and our bellies!

It's been another ENERGETIC week in the Kindie class!

I can't wait for letter H Week!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kindie Bug Hunt

We began letter E week with a Bug Hunt!
On Monday, we rode bikes over to Teacher Karen's house.
It was a beautiful day and the weather was perfect!

This is what a Kindie Bug Hunt looks like!

Dr. Liz is an ENTOMOLOGIST and she taught us a lot about where to find insects, 
what they like to eat and how important insects are to our environment.

She also showed us what to leave alone!  

Look at this female Black Widow spider with her egg cases. 
(We all know that arachnids are NOT we did not collect them!)

Dr. Liz  collected this scorpion. (I loved how she talked to the 
children and how she shared information about the specimens she found.)  
 The class was fascinated with everything.

We all took a look and then we let the scorpion go!  
(We respect all creatures big and small!)

We had a lot of parents and siblings join us for our special day!

Our parents fixed a wonderful snack and 
we enjoyed a picnic in the shade!

We released all the insects we found and rode our bikes back to school! 
Just think, this was only the first day of a very "exciting letter E week".
More about letter "E" tomorrow!