Friday, September 16, 2011

Letter L Week

It was a busy week in the Kindie class.  We talked about letter  L! 
Here's a little peek of our week!

The literacy centered featured lions and the book, The Happy Lion.

We illustrated and dictated facts about lions


and made lions out of paper plates.

Check out these purses or "man bags"! 
The big "diamonds were a huge hit!
 I Love IT!

We stamped ladybugs out of potatoes.

We also made really cool lava lamps!  
(Darn!  I forgot to take a picture of the lava lamps!) 

Jesse, our guinea pig didn't bite anyone this week either!  Yippee!

The easel is always open!  We appreciate and encourage creativity in our class.

Today was our first Book Report day!  It went really well!

On Tuesday we will go to Full Circle and sing for the grandmas and grandpas.  
We are looking forward to it!  

I am very delighted with how our class is getting along!  
Everyone is working hard 
and making new friends.  
  Life is good in the Kindie house!

P.S.  What is another word for "made"?  I think I just said
 "we made"about 10 times.... 
Sorry!  I will work on beefing up my descriptions!  

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