Friday, November 18, 2011

Letter S Week

Letter S Week was SUPER!
The themes this week included
Squirrels, Scarecrows, Sunflowers and Skittles.
Our math center focused on sets of six.

Our literacy center featured several books,
The Little Scarecrow Boy, Sunflower House and Nuts To You.

We studied sunflowers.
We sorted and counted different types of seeds.
We made pattern block sunflowers at the math center.

In art we created several sunflowers using assorted mediums and techniques.

We wrote non fiction facts about sunflowers.

We discussed scarecrows and read, The Little Scarecrow Boy.

In art we created these stupendous Scarecrows!

Our discussion of squirrels was really fun.  The children were
very interested in finding out more about squirrels 
because we have several that live in our backyard at school.  
We discovered there are over 200 
types of squirrels and they are omnivores.  
The children were surprised to learn that squirrels 
eat other things besides nuts.  

Here are some journal pages about squirrels.

We read, Nuts To You by Lois Elhert.

The children are becoming more comfortable with
writing their owns words.  They are doing a great job!

The children made squirrels with dried leaves.

They also created these silly squirrel hats to wear!  

Our sensory activity was SLIME.

It was super slippery and slimy!

Our math center was busy all week.  We focused
on the number six and constructed sets of six using 
stickers and Unifix cubes.

We graphed bags of Skittles.  

We also estimated how many Skittles were in the jars.

It was a great week in the Kindie house!
Next week will be a short week.
Our Feast will be on Tuesday.
On Monday we will talk about Native Americans
and celebrate all the things we are thankful for.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

We love a good PARTY!
(and an occasional cupcake...)

Birthdays at Gingerbread are really fun!

When it is your birthday...we do it up big!

You get to sit in the special birthday chair!

You get your very own birthday crown!
It has your name on it, stickers, a cupcake, candles and
sometimes MORE stickers!

The whole class is EXTRA kind to you on your birthday!
Everyone sings to you and asks you how old you are!

Everyone makes a really big deal about your special day!

We all get excited to eat 'birthday snacks'.

The teachers hug on you EVEN more than usual.

You get to take lots of pictures.

Then the teachers give you more hugs....

and if you are really BRAVE.....


(Shhh...don't tell anyone...but the spankings are pretend!)

Birthdays are special! 
Even when it's NOT your own birthday!

Happy Birthday Kindies!

Music with Teacher Karen

Music to our ears!
This is Teacher Karen.

Isn't she fabulous!
Take another look!

She is someone I dearly love!

She is someone the children really love!

 We look forward to her visits!

Can you tell??

She comes to school every week, brings her guitar, and sings great songs with us.
She also joins us when we go to Full Circle.

She makes us laugh.  She teaches us all kinds of fun songs.

We are very grateful for Teacher Karen!

You are LOVED!

Fuzz, The Chicken

Fuzz, The Chicken

I just love show and tell!
We have seen some amazing trinkets, toys, 
collections, photos, books, things from nature,
roadkill, old things, new things, things that make noise,
pets, and chickens.

Did I say chicken?

Sure did!

This is Sabrina's pet.  His name is Fuzz
and he is a frizzle.  (Did I say that right?)
oh...and he is a he, as in a rooster!

Fuzz was very well behaved.
He is invited back to the Kindie class anytime!

As you all know...I love chickens!

We will hatch chickens in the spring!

We can HARDLY wait!!