Friday, November 11, 2011

Letter O Week

Letter O Week is OVER!
It was not an ORDINARY week.
It was an EXTRAORDINARY week!
Our week was filled with OWLS.

Our literacy center featured owl puppets, flannel boards 
and the books, OwlyOwl Babies and The Littlest Owl.

We answered questions about the stories we read and
we also wrote non fiction facts about owls.

Our math centered also featured owls.  We used pattern blocks to construct owls.

We ate owls for snack!

Our art center was filled with feathers, beaks and eyeballs.
Whoo!  Whoo!

We discussed the differences and similarities between
owls and ostriches.  We graphed our favorite!

Then we made ostriches!  

We estimated orange objects.  We predicted and then counted.

We also took class pictures and celebrated Big Kid Day!

I guess I just have to say what I always say...
It was another great week in the Kindie House!

Next week we will talk about letter S!

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