Saturday, February 25, 2012

Letter G Week

Letter G Week
Our themes this week included 
Giraffes, Gorillas and Gumballs.

The literacy center featured the book, Giraffes Can't Dance.

We discussed non fiction facts about giraffes
and created giraffes in the art center.

These gentle giants are great!

Of course, we also constructed pattern block giraffes
because I LOVE pattern blocks!

We also did a few activities with gumballs!

We estimated and graphed our gooey gumballs.

We collaged gumball machines!

We created patterns using paper gumballs.
Then WE ATE gumballs!!!

Our literacy center also featured, Good Night Gorilla

and wrote about the book!

Then we painted gorillas and I think they look GRAND!

What a great week.
We also did a unit on Green Eggs and Ham.  
It was so much fun!
(I posted our Green Eggs and Ham Unit back in December.)

(Spell check keeps trying to tell me that GUMBALL is TWO words.  I 
always thought it was one word so if I am incorrect please excuse my mistake!)

I am Grateful for this Great job!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Doctor Day

Doctor Day
Someone better call 911!

We have an emergency....
I was the first casualty but fortunately
my "hair sprain and bleeding arm"
were quickly bandaged.
I was given "laughing gas and hooked up to a blood sucker."
Whew!  That was a close call!
Now I am as good as new!


Hug A Bear was not as lucky!

We had lots of broken legs!

This patient even wrote his own prescription!

We had a couple of head wounds!

Fortunately we had plenty of doctors around to care for the injured,

complete with doctor kits and all the necessary supplies.

Doctor day was a lot of fun!

Thank goodness everyone made a 100% recovery in time for recess!
(all except poor Hug A Bear who needed an icy sponge for his bottom!)

Whew!  What a day!

Letter A Week

Letter A Week
Alligators, Ants and Apples

The literacy centered featured alligators and 
several of my favorite alligator books!

We read, An Extraordinary Egg and Alligator Baby.
We wrote storyboards about
these books.  

Look at our alligators!  Amazing aren't they?

We discussed ants!

We sang songs about ants!
We estimated how many ants were in this jar!
We also added ants!

We made ants on a log for snack!
(Not really!)

We created ant art!

The literacy center also featured apples.

We sampled different types of apples. 

We discussed the results of our apple tasting and 
displayed our results on a class graph.

We used apple manipulatives to solve these equations.

We also created collage apples.
We enjoyed a great week.
Next week letter M!