Friday, February 24, 2012

Letter V Week

Letter V Week
Vegetables, Vipers, Vehicles and Volcanos!

Our literacy center featured the book, Tops and Bottoms!
The children brought vegetables from home and we 
had a fantastic variety of veggies to explore and compare!

We used a VENN Diagram 
to sort our vegetables.

We sorted them several different ways!

We weighed, measured and compared!

We wrote about our veggies!

We cut open our veggies.  We tasted and shared our veggies!
(Our guinea pig, Jesse LOVES vegetables.)

We created beautiful vegetable prints!

Our favorite vegetable to print with was the celery!
The children said, 
"It looks like roses!"

We discussed vipers and wrote non fiction facts about these interesting creatures!

In art we constructed vipers using our special "texture powder".
(Embossing powder!  The children LOVE this stuff!)

Take a close look!  Isn't this technique AWESOME!

We talked about vehicles.

We created pattern block vehicles.
(I love pattern blocks in case you haven't noticed!)

We rolled the vehicles through paint!

The highlight of the week was definitely
our science experiment!


Here are the ingredients for Volcanos.  If you haven't ever
tried this....YOU SHOULD!  It's really fun!

Can't you tell?  Totally AWESOME!!

It makes us smile EVERY time!

 Even if the children have done it before!

We will probably have to do Volcanos again soon!
It was VERY fun!

This week was fabulous!
Next week letter K!

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