Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!
Party Day is always a lot of fun and very chaotic.
Our literacy center featured the book, Boo To You.

We acted out silly songs and finger plays using these props.

In the art center we made Jack-O-Lanterns.  
(I saw an idea similar to this on Pinterest!)

 Boo to you!

We read the book, Which Witch is Which.
We discussed parts of the story and made these
adorable witches.
WHICH WITCH IS WHICH?  Can you tell?
Emma and her mom made these witch fingers for us to eat for snack!
Then it was party time.  Yippee.
 Happy Halloween Everyone!
This is our delicious snack!  
Thank you mommies and daddies for such a great party!

Letter P Week

Letter P Week was PERFECT!
Our PRIMARY theme was pumpkins.
We studied pumpkins inside and out.

Our literacy center featured the book, Pumpkin Pumpkin.

We compared Pumpkins and Gourds.

We sorted and graphed our pumpkin patch.
(Thank you for sending in pumpkins and gourds!)

We measured pumpkins using non standard units of measure.


We described how pumpkins look, feel, and smell 
on the outside and the inside.

We created pumpkins in the art area!

We also discussed Pizza!
We made pizzas for snack.  Yummy!

We managed to find time to explore pigs.

We created pigs in the art center.

We wrote about pigs.

We read and discussed the book, Pig, Pigger, Piggest.
The children loved this book and laughed at the end when the pigs
married the witches and played in a huge mud puddle.

We went to Full Circle this week and also had our Halloween Party.
(I will add a post about our Halloween Party.)
Whew!  It was busy!

Next week we will explore Letter C.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Letter I Week

  "I" week has been INCREDIBLE!
This week our main themes were
 inchworms, ice cream and iguanas.

We made inchworms in the art center using two different techniques.

We used inchworms at the math center.  We counted, measured and estimated.

Inchworms were everywhere!
(We even had inchworms in OUR DRINKS!)

We graphed our favorite!  
Inchworms or iguanas?

Speaking of iguanas.  We discussed INTERESTING facts about iguanas.

We used iguanas for non standard units of measuring.

(I found these at the Dollar Tree!)

We created iguanas in the art center.  The children loved
adding embossing powder to give the iguanas texture.

I think our finished product is INDESCRIBABLE!

We invented insects.

We made homemade ice cream by shaking the mixture in plastic bags.

They needed sprinkles!

Look what Casey brought for snack!

We described ice cream and made ice cream sundaes in the art center.


To top it all off one of our sweet Gingerbread Mommies brought her 
ice cream truck and treated the entire school to ice cream.
(She is available for parties or special events.)

We had some sad news this week.
We had a funeral for our class pet rat, Whitie.
We are really going to miss him!

Our friend Shep broke his arm!
He was able to join us for a couple of hours at the end of the week.
(He is doing great!  He is a tough little guy!)
We love you Shep.

Next week we will talk about letter P and work on our pumpkin unit!
Don't forget to bring a pumpkin on Monday!