Thursday, October 13, 2011

Letter T Week

What a TERRIFIC Week!
We talked about Tigers and Turtles.

We had a special visitor this week. 
He wandered all around our classroom.
He was very TAME!
(Thanks Dax for sharing this TURTLE with our class.)

We read, The Foolish Tortoise
and wrote non-fiction facts about turtles and tortoises.

We created TOTALLY cool turtles with bubble wrap painting!

Here's what they looked like when we were finished!

Our math center was busy!  

See our Pattern Block turtle,

probability activity

and estimation.

Our block area and literacy center featured puppets, flannel boards, books, tigers and turtles.

The children are working on sounding out and writing their own words.
(We encourage and praise "Kindergarten spelling"!)

Thank you for encouraging "Kindergarten spelling" at home as well!

Check out our tigers!

They were TREMENDOUS!!

(I had to include this little TRIO!)

By the way, we went to the zoo on TUESDAY and saw BABY TIGERS!

  We were TICKLED!

This is me!
(As I am posing with this goat there was another goat behind me....
eating my sweater...and I didn't feel a thing!)

The children THOUGHT it was hilarious!

It was another wonderful week in the Kindie class!
TIME for bed!

Next week letter I!

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