Monday, October 31, 2011

Letter P Week

Letter P Week was PERFECT!
Our PRIMARY theme was pumpkins.
We studied pumpkins inside and out.

Our literacy center featured the book, Pumpkin Pumpkin.

We compared Pumpkins and Gourds.

We sorted and graphed our pumpkin patch.
(Thank you for sending in pumpkins and gourds!)

We measured pumpkins using non standard units of measure.


We described how pumpkins look, feel, and smell 
on the outside and the inside.

We created pumpkins in the art area!

We also discussed Pizza!
We made pizzas for snack.  Yummy!

We managed to find time to explore pigs.

We created pigs in the art center.

We wrote about pigs.

We read and discussed the book, Pig, Pigger, Piggest.
The children loved this book and laughed at the end when the pigs
married the witches and played in a huge mud puddle.

We went to Full Circle this week and also had our Halloween Party.
(I will add a post about our Halloween Party.)
Whew!  It was busy!

Next week we will explore Letter C.

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