Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Letter H Week

This was a HECTIC Week!

We squeezed all this work in three days due to Fall Break!
We also went to the Fire Station for a visit.

Hooray for Hippos!

Our Literacy center featured HIPPOS.  (I made these hilarious hippos!)

The children enjoy playing with these and acting out stories.

We read, You Can't Move A Hippo and Hattie Hippo.

We talked about HIPPO facts and described HIPPOS and their HABITATS.

We made HUMONGOUS  HIPPOS from Deanna Jump's Zoo Unit!

Aren't they HYSTERICAL?

We read, Harold and the Purple Crayon.
We made "storyboards" about this book.

These are HABITATS we created in the art center!

It was another HAPPY week in the Kindie class!

Next week Letter T!

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