Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Daily Five

What is the Daily Five?
Why do we do the Daily Five?

"The Daily Five is a series of literacy tasks."
These strategies were developed  by Joan Moser and Gail Boushey

 I find this approach developmentally appropriate!

This is the Daily Five!

What I like the most about the Daily Five is
"The Three Ways To Read".

In our class we have children that are learning 
letter recognition and beginning sounds.

In our class we have children who are beginning to read a word or two.

In our class we have children who are reading chapter books.

This literacy approach grows learners at every level!

Every "reader" feels successful.
Every "reader" finds enjoyment.

This is what the Daily Five looks like in our class.
(Looks like fun doesn't it!)

This is "word work" and "word writing".
(We look for words in our environment.  We read and write those words.)

This is "reading to self".

We "listen to reading".
We read picture books every day and we read Junie B. Jones Chapter books as well.

(Our Kindie parents are an important part of this approach.)
Thank you for reading with your child every day!