Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fire Station Visit

Fire Safety!
We visited the Fire Station on Main and Porter.

What is it about Firefighters?

I think they are true heros!

Every time I encounter a firefighter I am
deeply touched by their bravery and 
dedication to helping their fellow citizens.

They are also extremely kind and caring!

They are great with children!

And patient too!

Did I mention HANDSOME?
(...lost my head for a minute...)

We toured the station, saw all the cool tools, equipment AND went inside the truck. 

We watched a fire safety video.

I made the firefighters a treat and we took it to them to show our gratitude!  
They WERE very grateful!

We went back to school and ate this adorable snack Abby 
and her mom prepared for us!

It was a perfect day in my book!

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