Sunday, February 12, 2012

Movie Party

Movie Party!
I love the Movie Party!
The children love the Movie Party!
The parents love the Movie Party too!
Here's why!

The children make wallets with pretend money!

They purchase a ticket and enter the theater!

They carefully select a seat!

 and the movie begins.

When the children get hungry they take their wallets and visit the concession stand.

They can buy a hot dog!

They can buy a popcorn!

They can buy a icy cold beverage!

Did I mention they can buy CANDY?  Yup!  Candy!
REAL CANDY!  Oh boy, oh boy!

Sometimes the children are so excited, they spend all their money in one trip.
Others, buy one item at a time.  
Decisions, decisions!

Our parents...I mean concession stand workers, make our Movie Party extra special.

It's so much fun.  I love my job!
(I told you I love the Movie Party!)
Do you love the Movie Party too?

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