Saturday, November 5, 2011

Letter C Week

Letter C Week!
Our main themes this week were carrots and corn!

Our literacy center featured the book, The Enormous Carrot.

The children compared real carrots and corn.

They illustrated what they observed and wrote words about their observations.

We explored dried corn and worked with standard units of measure.
(measuring cups)

We counted how many 1/4 cups fit in 1 cup.
We counted how many 1/2 cups fit in 1 cup.
We counted how many 1/4 cups fit in a 1/2 cup.

 We used our fingerprints to make ornamental corn.

We made carrot collages.

We read the book, Corduroy.
We discussed parts of the story.

Here are the Corduroy's we created in art!

  We graphed Corduroy (bears) in the math center.

We talked about cats and chimpanzees too.

Parker and his mom made this cool caterpillar for our snack.
It was a CRAZY week.

Next week Letter O!


  1. OMG girl you did have a busy week this week. Heather brought Corduroy home back in 1983 for the week as a treat for reading the most books that week. It was a first for Corduroy and I thought we had lost the button because I had no idea who or what Corduroy was!!! Long time ago, a lot of water under the bridge.
    Hope your week is just as busy next week...I know the kids love it too!

  2. Thanks Vicki! I hope you are doing well. Miss you!!

  3. Wow! You folks had an awesome week! I like the measurement exercise, it will immediately be useful @ home. Amani and Lennon love to cook with me in the kitchen. They are excellent cooks. Than you for sharing this!