Sunday, January 22, 2012

Letter U Week

Letter U Week
Underwear, Umbrellas, USA!

Let's face it!  Letter U is a bit of a challenge!
I always have a hard time coming up
with fun and exciting activities for letter U.
Here's a peek at our week!

The literacy center featured the book, Umbrella.
The children made pictures of themselves Under Umbrellas.
(I forgot to take a picture of this activity.)

The children LOVED drawing pictures "under and upside down."
We taped their papers underneath the art table.  This was really funny!

We talked about utensils and used various utensils for painting.

Our literacy center also featured UNDERWEAR!  
The children had a blast talking about undies, underwear,
and underpants.  There was plenty of giggling, snickering,
eye rolling, and laughing going on in the Kindie house.
Who KNEW underwear could be this funny?

We read, Dinosaurs Love Underpants.

If you haven't read this should!  It's great!

We had plenty of journal pages DESCRIBING underwear!
My thought was they would write about how 
useful, colorful and great underwear are.
Instead most of the children described how "stinky" underwear can be!  
Tee hee! 

We made underwear in the art center!
Giggle, giggle!

We talked about Martin Luther King!
We did a little experiment and the children
we very aware of what was "fair" and what was "unfair".
We read books about Rosa Parks and Dr. Martin Luther King.

We made the United States flag.

We worked with our Handwriting Without Tears activities.
We love this handwriting curriculum. 
 It's developmentally appropriate and the children enjoy it.

The block center was very busy!

Check out this UNUSUAL collection!

  Sometimes letters provide a challenge and letter U certainly
was challenging.  Not every week can be fabulous...but this week 
 was better than we expected.
(We laughed a lot!  What is better than that?)

Next week we will talk about Letter B! 
 Get ready because Letter B is going to be off the charts!!!

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