Friday, January 13, 2012

Letter D Week

Dinosaurs, Dots and Dogs!
This week was delightful!
Our literacy centered featured dinosaurs!

We discussed the book, Dinosaur Roar.

We explored dinosaur bones in 
sensory tubs filled with rice.

We hatched a baby dinosaur in water!  It was really cool!

We were paleontologists and we 
excavated dinosaurs out of blocks of ice!

This activity was fantastic!  We had to set a timer 
so everyone in the class would have a turn!

In our Art center we made several different types of dinosaurs!

We graphed our favorite dinosaurs.

We had dinosaurs for snack!

We ate dinosaur dirt too!

Our literacy center also featured dogs.

We read, Good Boy Fergus.
(This is a great book written by David Shannon.)


Check out these "darling dogs!"

Our math centered featured pattern block dogs.

We talked about dots.
We read, The Dot and Ten Black Dots.

We graphed candy Dots and used the Dots to make patterns.

We estimated how many Dots were in the jars.


We had dominoes for snack!  Wasn't this a clever idea?
(We have great families!)  

This week was really fun!  
We can't wait for next week!
Letter U! 

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  1. Mrs. Nancy I am blown away by your classroom activities. A whole lot of learning going on. I am your newest follower. I do have a small request if you can. Is it possible for you to post where you find your items and explain them a bit. Like for instance the hatching dinosaur egg and the dinosaur sticks. I would be very interested in those. Also I don't understand the cauldron picture, what was it's purpose if you don't mind me asking. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie