Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Writer's Workshop

We are very excited to tell you
about our Writer's Workshop!

We have very special folders for our Writer's Workshop.
We are learning how to tell a story on paper.

It takes practice and patience.

The children are learning to add detail to their illustrations.

Aren't they doing a wonderful job?

We are learning new strategies
for writing and figuring out what letters words have in them.

We do not spell words for our writer's because 
we understand the importance of discovery.

We believe that spelling words for young writers stifles their
willingness to take risks and discourages their ability to "be in the moment".
This approach is developmentally appropriate for Kindergarten and
we think our young writer's are pretty amazing!

We understand that all our Kindies are at different levels
of mastery and praise effort rather than product.

We think Writer's Workshop is awesome.

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  1. Nancy,
    I am teaching kinder for the first time after a million years in other grades. I was just looking at my kinders writing from yesterday and wondering how they were doing AND how I was doing. Then I read this post and smiled. My kiddos writing looks like the writing you have posted and my technique sounds like yours. Hurrah! Thank you for the encouragement as I plug away at writer's workshop, kindergarten style.