Saturday, October 26, 2013

Letter S Week

Letter S Week was 
Here's a peek at our week!
Our themes this week included
Scarecrows, Sunflowers and Squirrels.

Our literacy center featured the book, The Little Scarecrow Boy.

The children wrote and illustrated a storyboard.

At the art center we created Silly Scarecrows.

Our discussion about sunflowers included the book,
This Is The Sunflower.

The children worked on nonfiction facts about sunflowers.

At the math center the children colored and constructed sunflowers.

During morning meeting the children acted out different verses about sunflowers.

Look at the beautiful sunflowers we created in our art center!

We also read the book, The Sunflower House.

Later in the week we moved on to one of my favorite topics!

So cute
and yet
So naughty!

(My husband and I battle squirrels all the time!  They are adorable 
until they get in your attic and fall down into the walls and you
have to cut a hole in your wall to get them out 
or when they chew up your brand new cushions on your deck...)

We read the book,
Nuts To You.
We had a blast turning into squirrels! 

We can be pretty "squirrely" for sure!
(Not sure that "squirrely" is a real word....but I think it should be!)

We fed squirrels nuts  in the math center!

They are hungry little critters!

We wrote nonfiction facts about squirrels.

We graphed Skittles.

And ATE Skittles!

How many Skittles do you think are in these jars?

All week long we bribbed...I mean passed out 

S Week was incredible.
We loved every SECOND of it!

We also went to the Fire Station this week.
I can't wait to tell you, I mean show you
all about the firefighters!

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  1. Teacher Nancy,

    Thank you so much for this blog. It is so much fun to see all your happy kids and what they are working on.

    The grandparents love being able to see what their grandson is up to in school.

    We look forward to your updates every week.

    Thanks again!