Sunday, October 6, 2013

Letter Z Week

Letter Z Week!
This week was amazing!

Our themes this week includes 
Zebras, Zippers and the Zoo!

The sensory table was filled with "grass" and Zoo animals.

Our Literacy Center featured the book, A Sick Day For Amos McGee.
This book is in my top five favorite books!

The children wrote storyboards about this book!

We graphed our favorite zoo animal.
We discussed math terms like more than, less than, and equal.

We visited the Zoo and spent our time enjoying the beautiful animals 
and the gorgeous fall weather.

We got to see the baby giraffe that was only six days old!

One of the highlights of our trip was petting stingrays!
(I thought you had to fly to the Caribbean to do something this cool!)

Wow!  All I can say is Wow!

Here is our class book about the trip!

We also talked about zebras this week.

Our Literacy Center featured the book, Ziggy And The Ant Invaders.

We estimated how many zebras were in the jars.

Then we counted each jar to see if our predictions were correct.

We made several different zebras using a variety of medias.

We also read the book, It's a George Thing.
(Another one of my favorites!)

We talked about Zippers!

Boy are zippers handy!
Life without zippers?  
For example...
A sleeping bag without a zipper.
Hmm!  That would be interesting!

Our Literacy Center featured the book, Mrs. Toggle's Zipper.
Real zippers were placed in the center and the children
loved playing with them!

We constructed Zipper Art!

We had "Zipper Day" and graphed how many zippers we were wearing.

This week was filled with discussion, exploration, 
new experiences and lots and lots of fun.

Z week was AWESOME!

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  1. FAB FAB FAB Nancy, i love that you take take to do this for us all. Wonderful