Saturday, March 17, 2012

Letter W Week

Letter W Week!
Worms, Wild Things, Wishy Washy!
Wow!  What a week!

The literacy center featured Mrs. Wishy Washy.

We acted out the story....

over and over again!

The children had a blast putting the animals in the "mud".

Their favorite activity was making these "Mrs. Wishy Washy Masks".

Our literacy center also featured whales.

We constructed whales in art  

and estimated whales in math!

We also discussed worms.
This was really interesting and fun!

We read several books about worms.  
One of the books we read was a non fiction book titled, Wonderful Worms.

We wrote non fiction facts about worms 
and worked on worm observation science activities.

We gathered data.

The children worked on a worm seriation activity for homework.

Then, we ATE worms!

Not real worms Silly!

Worm dirt!

We also talked about the book, Where The Wild Things Are.

We acted out parts of the story

and discussed the book!

We made wild things in the art center!
"Let the wild rumpus begin!"

We graphed....
"Have you ever been sent to your room for being naughty?"

Nope!  Not me!  Never!
We also worked on fractions using watermelons!

On Friday we had our Pajama Party!
It was a great week.

Next week Letter X!


  1. Hi Nancy ! I am a kindergarten teacher, as well, and just happened to stumble upom your blog. It is truly inspirational, and absolutely excites me about being a teacher ! Thank you for sharing


  2. Hi Nancy,

    Something that you could do for W next year is make jelly worms - you get some straws and place a rubber band around a bundle of them, and then pour your jelly mix over them, letting them set in an upright position.

    After the jelly has set, you'll have some jelly worms, which could be really fun for a sensory impact (and for a nice snack!)