Saturday, March 3, 2012

Letter M Week

Letter M Week
Monkey's, M&M's, Moose, Mice and Muffins.

This week was MARVELOUS!

Our Literacy center featured Monsters!

We read the book, Go Away, Big Green Monster
and did all kinds of extension activities.
This is what our Monster Unit looked like!

I think we created some monsters.......

We touched "monster eyeballs".......

and ate some "monster eyeballs"......

and estimated "monster eyeballs"....

and created monsters with silly eyeballs...

and acted like monsters with crazy eyeballs!

Don't you just love MONSTERS?

AND...that was just MONDAY!
Here's what Tuesday looked like!
(I took a nap every day this week!)

Our literacy centered featured Mice.

We hid this mouse in our Daily Five pillows hoping to scare the children.
Nope!  Didn't work.  The only one we managed to scare was the teachers!

Mouse Probability!

Mouse Writing!

Mouse Art!

The bar was set very now what?


It was a blast!

It was only fair that the teachers got to pull out 
"the big guns".
(A huge thank you to the Jackson's for the
 awesome marshmallow shooters!)

We really did do some work on Wednesday.  I just don't remember
what it was...

oh-now I remember!

How could I forget?
We got sooooooo sugared up!

We read!  And ate...

We Graphed!  And ate...

We Wrote!  And ate...

We did Art!  And ate...

We had Snack!  And ate...

Did I mention we were BOUNCING off the walls by 10:30?

We finished out the week with Monkeys and Moose!

I LOVE these cute little guys!

This literacy center featured If You Give A Moose A Muffin!

So, We Ate Muffins Too!

We also did a little writing

and created these marvelous moose!

Oh and I almost forgot!
We MEASURED macaroni!

Did I mention the milkshakes?
Yes!  We also had milkshakes
because our parents are so great
and because we needed more sugar!

I promise we will eat healthy snacks ALL next week!

You guys are the best!  Our class is amazing and we appreciate
all the participation and enthusiasm...and understanding when we
brake the rules a little for the sake of learning sounds and
experiencing everything with ALL of our senses!

Next week we are talking about letter N!
(It might be a little bit of a let down after this fabulous week!)

HUGS all Around!

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