Friday, March 9, 2012

Letter N Week

Letter N Week
The literacy centered featured Nests
and the book, My Nest is Best.

We studied real bird nests and 

wrote non fiction facts about nests!

 We encourage developmental writing!  
Aren't they doing a great job with this skill!

We read number words and added eggs to the nests!

In our art center we created these amazing bird nests.  

Look at this cool block/nest structure!

"Chirp, chirp"

"Tweet, tweet."

We ate bird nests for snack!  Aren't they NIFTY?

We also discussed Newspapers!

We collaged with Newspapers!

We illustrated our own Newspapers!

We ate nachos for snack!

We investigated Newts!

We used our special embossing powder to give the newts a really cool texture!
(The children LOVE this stuff!  You should try it sometime!)

We wrote non fiction facts about newts!

In our math center we did several activities using nickels
including probability, counting and estimating!

We explored different types of noodles and constructed 
a tally graph to show how many we each had.

We finished off the week with Night Time stories and songs!

This week was awesome!  
Next week we will talk about Letter W 
wear our Pajamas to school for our Pajama Party!
Woo Hoo!

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