Thursday, June 9, 2011

It all began on a hot August day!

The first day of school is always a bit scary for the children, the parents and also for me.  It's also a very exciting day because I am anticipating all the wonderful experiences we are going to share.  It's always a little chaotic, with lots of parents in the room, school supplies everywhere and everyone dressed in their "first day of school" outfits.   Reluctantly, the parents kiss their "Kindies" goodbye and the first day officially begins.
The day is filled with laughter, singing, meeting new friends and hugging old friends, playing with blocks, exploring every square inch of the classroom, holding the rat and guinea pig, getting drinks from the fountain, finding the bathroom and asking the teachers at least five times, "when are we going outside?"
The teachers are busy snapping pictures, learning names, giving hugs, answering questions, putting away school supplies, preparing snack and remembering how loud Kindergarteners can be!  Each year on the first day of school I ask myself, "how do teachers do this all by themselves?"  I am fortunate to have two assistant teachers and without their help, I think I would go CRAZY!  Now for a little tour!

This is Blue.  He is a lovebird!  He is 13 years old and extremely cranky!
 If you stick your fingers in his cage he WILL bite them!

This is Rootbeer!   We had two pet rats!  Whitie and Rootbeer!  The children from last year's class named them!  Guess what color Whitie was?  (Sad news, Rootbeer died during Spring Break.)  
He was a "really good rat and he never pooped on anyone and he didn't bite anyone".

This is Jesse.  He is a guinea pig.  (The teachers think he is kinda stinky!)

These are our fish!  The teachers love these fish because they don't ever get stinky!

Science shelf!

Morning message, jobs, calendar activities!

Reading area!

Morning meeting and circle time rug area.

The art area!  How do you like my stamp collection?  The children love it!

This was our pet Zipper Spider!  She lived on our front porch for three months.  I feed her crickets almost daily and just before the first frost she left us a beautiful egg case.  It was amazing!

So, the first day quickly came and went.  The children settled 
right in and the school year was off to a fantastic start!

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