Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time flies!

The school year has ended and the chairs have been put up for the last time.  
The shelves are clear, bulletin boards have been stripped, names have been scraped off of the coat hooks, school supplies have been returned and portfolios have been sent home.
Now I have three months to prepare for the next group of eager, nervous, excited five year olds.  
Three months to wonder...
"will they like me, will they find my classroom fun and interesting, will they enjoy all the things we do in Kindergarten, will I love them as much as I have loved my past classes?"

Three months before I get to hatch baby chickens!  Three months before I get to wear pajamas to work, eat snack at 11:00, finger paint with pudding, fish for crawdads, make a volcano, graph M&M's, read a story, sing a song, do "The Chicken Dance", get an icy sponge, hold a rat, play with play dough, feed a tarantula, hold a snake, release a butterfly and make a prediction.  Three months to wait before I meet my new class.  Three months before I get hugged by precious little arms.  Three months to plan, dream, create, anticipate and wonder what the next year has in store for me!  I can hardly wait!

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