Sunday, January 25, 2015

Letter D Week

Our Themes this week included
Dogs, Dots, Dinosaurs and our very own Diner.

Our literacy center featured the book, The Dot.

In the math center the children sorted and graphed candy Dots.

We used Duplos to make dot paintings.

Our literacy center also featured our favorite dog books,
Good Boy, Fergus and Duke The Dairy Delight Dog.

The children worked on Storyboards about the books we read.

We created dogs in the art center.

We set up our very own Dairy Delight Diner.
The children participated in every aspect of the Diner.
We had Hostesses, Cooks, Busboys, 
Waiters, Cashiers and Customers.

It was a wonderful Dairy Delight Diner Day!

Our literacy center also featured books about dinosaurs.

We excavated dinosaurs!
The children loved it!

Letter D week was wonderful!  
The children are looking forward to seeing what we will be doing next week!
There's NEVER a DULL moment in the Kindie house!

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