Saturday, September 6, 2014

Letter L Week

Letter L Week
Our themes this week were
Lions, Leaves, and Lifesavers.

Our literacy center featured books about lions.

We wrote nonfiction facts about lions.

We made lions in the art center.  ROAR!

Our sensory table was filled with lions! Yikes!

We read the book, Red Leaf Yellow Leaf.
We described leaves.

We made leaf patterns in the math center.

We played a game with leaves and 
practiced one to one correspondence.

We made tissue paper leaf collages.

We read the book, Little Blue and Little Yellow.
We wrote storyboards about the book.

We created our own Little Blue, Little Yellow.

And then there was the
Woo Hoo!
We LOVE Lifesavers.
We graphed them and ate them.

It was a fabulous week.
Next week we are exploring letter F!

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