Saturday, November 9, 2013

Letter C Week

Letter C Week

This week our themes included
carrots, corn and cookies.

Our literacy center featured the books,
  The Carrot Seed 
Tops and Bottoms.

We compared carrots and corn.

We weighed carrots and corn.

We used standard and non standard units 
for measuring our carrots and corn.

We painted corn

using our fingers.

We created carrots using collage materials.

Our estimation jars were filled carrots.

Our cookie unit was the highlight of the week.
Our Literacy center featured the book,
When The Doorbell Rang.

The children described cookies using their senses.

The children wrote their thoughts about cookies.

In math the children added chocolate chips to cookies using dice.

We marble painted cookies.

We acted out "The Cookie Shop".


The children had a blast playing with the cookies 
and setting up their own "Cookie Shop".

We managed to get all this done along with
school pictures, a visit to The Natural History Museum,
and Big Kid Day.

OUR week was CRAZY!
(But we wouldn't want it any other way.)

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