Sunday, December 20, 2015

Polar Express Day

Polar Express Day
A perfect way to enjoy the last day 
before Christmas Break.

The children were invited to wear pajamas and 
bring their favorite stuffed toy or doll.
All Aboard!

The conductor punched the train tickets and we were off.

We listened to the audio story, by Liam Neeson.
At the end of the story each child was given a bell.

We decorated delicious sugar cookies.
What's not to love?  
We added MORE sugar to the sugar cookies!

Sprinkles, sprinkles and more sprinkles.
We LOVE sprinkles!  

We were getting all sugared up.  
But why stop there?
Everyone knows you must have hot chocolate with
sugar cookies!

You also need a peppermint stick 
to stir your hot chocolate!

We also made ornaments.
Lots and lots of ornaments.

Did I mention we had a photo booth?
It was a hit!

We had a great time, sugar, glitter and all.
Merry Christmas from the Kindies!

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